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     Prudential Online Access Account Agreement

     Please read the following Agreement carefully and evidence your acceptance of its terms by clicking on the Agree button below:

  1. You ("you," "your," etc. as used herein includes all persons named on the account and all others properly authorized by such persons to use the account) understand and agree that this Agreement ("Agreement") between you and Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd ("Prudential," "Pru") states the terms and conditions of your use and access of the Prudential website ("Website") ( online service.

    In offering this Website, Prudential is making available to you services through the facilities of the Internet which allow you to access and view your Prudential account information and to gain the benefit of other services and transactional capabilities which Prudential may make available online from time to time. You agree to use this Website only in accordance with this Agreement and through the use of a single Username and PIN. Username refers to your identity card number and PIN refers to your Pru Personal Access personal identification number.

    Prudential may amend, modify, add or remove any portion of this Agreement or terminate this Agreement at any time. Notification of changes in the Agreement will be posted on this Website.

    If you need further assistance, please contact the Pru Customer Line at 1800 333 0333.
  2. You acknowledge that you have read the Prudential Website Legal and Privacy Information Page and acknowledge and agree to those terms. (See Prudential Website Privacy Statement)
  3. As a Prudential customer, you are required to and take sole responsibility for the submission of true, accurate and complete information related to your application for a Username and PIN. You shall be the only authorized user of this Website under this Agreement. You shall be responsible for the confidentiality and use of your Username, PIN and any other security data, methods and devices. You understand that any person with knowledge of your Username and PIN will have the ability to access your account information in any Prudential Website registered under your Username and PIN as made available by Prudential. You represent that by submitting your application for a Username and PIN that you have the right and capacity to enter into this Agreement.

    You agree that Prudential may send the Username and PIN to you by any means available. You agree not to hold Prudential liable if the Username and PIN (or other devices, items and information) fail to reach you after dispatch. If you suspect or know that the security of your Username and PIN(s) have been compromised, you will notify Prudential on the Pru Customer Line immediately to request a new Username and PIN.

    Prudential's acceptance of your application is subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria as established from time to time by Prudential and the provision of any required documentation as specified by Prudential. Upon Prudential's approval of your application, Prudential will offer you access to the Website.

    You agree that the Prudential Website is the proprietary property of Prudential. You agree not use the Website except as authorized by this Agreement, and in any event, not to make it available to any unauthorized third parties.
  4. You further understand and agree to the following relating to your account(s) and any information furnished to you by use of the Prudential Website:

    If you suspect a security breach may have occurred and/or online transactions may have been fraudulently accessed, you shall immediately notify the Pru Customer Line at 1800 333 0333 or by e-mail at

    You shall immediately notify us if there are errors or discrepancies in your account values, statements or transaction history.

    When notifying us of possible security breaches, please include your
    - Name and User ID
    - Date and time of unauthorized access
    - Description of security breach or fraud
    - Description of error that has occurred.

    If you fail to immediately notify us when any of the above conditions occurs, neither Prudential, nor any of its employees, affiliates, or subsidiaries, will have responsibility or liability to you arising from such failure to notify in a timely manner. You accept full responsibility for the monitoring of your account.

  5. Prudential is entitled to, but not obliged to, rely on all instructions and transactions carried out under your Username and PIN. Instructions to Prudential given under your Username and PIN(s) are irrevocable and binding upon transmission notwithstanding that they may be unauthorized, given in error, forged or are fraudulent. You agree that Prudential shall not be under a duty to inquire as to the authority or propriety of any instructions given to Prudential by you, and shall be entitled to act upon any such instructions. You understand that telephone calls to Prudential may be recorded and hereby consent to such recording.
  6. You agree that you shall not use or disclose any material and/or information on this Website, other than to access and use the products and services provided through this Website. You must not reproduce, sell, license, transmit, disseminate, publish, broadcast, circulate, assign, rent, decompile, reverse engineer, modify, translate, compile, commercially exploit, or in any way whatsoever, allow any third party access to the Username and PIN or the aforesaid material and information provided to you by Prudential or via the Website, or use the same for any unauthorized or unlawful purpose.
  7. You agree that Prudential may, in whole or in part, at any time whether with or without notice, discontinue the Website, modify or change the terms of the Website, or terminate this Agreement. You agree that Prudential may immediately terminate its services if you breach this Agreement or if you have jeopardized the proper and efficient operation of its services. Any unauthorized use by you of the Website, whatsoever, shall result in automatic termination of this Agreement.
  8. You agree that Prudential and its employees, affiliates, and subsidiaries shall not be responsible for any damages caused by communications line failure, unauthorized access, theft, systems failure, and any other occurrences beyond its control. You agree to provide all telephone and other equipment to access the Prudential Website and will be solely responsible for paying all charges related thereto.
  9. You agree to be liable for any and all charges and expenses incurred in connection with the use of the Prudential Website by your or any person through the use of your Username and PIN. Prudential will not be liable for any loss incurred as a result of its termination of this Agreement, or your right to access this Website at any time, whether with or without cause or notice. Further, Prudential will not be liable for any loss incurred as a result of any limits on access to features or other restrictions on your access to parts or all of this Website whether with or without notice.
  10. You expressly acknowledge and agree that the use and storage of any information, including without limitation, account information transaction activity, account balances, and any other information available through the use of the Website is at your sole risk and responsibility. PRUDENTIAL DOES NOT MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IN RESPECT OF THE PRUDENTIAL WEBSITE.
  12. Prudential Website utilizes Internet services to transport data and/or communications and Prudential will take reasonable security precautions in connection therewith, but Prudential disclaims any liability for interception of any such data or communications. Prudential shall not be responsible for, and makes no warranties regarding, the access, speed or availability of Internet or network services. Prudential will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever occasioned whether or not arising from or in connection with your access and/or use of this Website including any direct, indirect, consequential or special loss (including without limitation, loss of profit or interest), and including (but not limited to) the following:

    (a) Any loss arising from Prudential acting on instructions issued under your Username and PIN(s), but which, in fact, was an unauthorized use of this Website;

    (b) Your reliance on the information provided as part, or by means, of this Website;

    (c) Any failure by you to follow the most updated instructions and procedures for using the services offered on this Website;

    (d) Any loss associated with system failures, processing errors, software defects, operating mistakes, hardware breakdowns, capacity inadequacies, network vulnerabilities, control weaknesses, security shortcomings, malicious attacks, hacking incidents, viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs, trapdoors or other fraudulent actions and inadequate recovery capabilities which arise despite Prudential's best efforts;

    (e) Any disclosure of any information to third parties arising as a result of your negligence or failure to keep your Username and PIN(s) confidential;

    (f) Any cessation or interruption of the availability or operation of this Website; and

    (g) Any breach of Prudential's obligations or duties to you caused by or arising from any one or more of the events or matters set out in any or more of the foregoing subparagraphs of this clause 12.
  13. Prudential is the owner of the trade and service marks displayed on this Website. These trade and service marks may only be used or reproduce with prior written consent from Prudential, and may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not Prudential's in any manner that disparages or discredits Prudential. All other trade and service marks that appear on this Website are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with or connected to Prudential. This Website is protected by copyright as a collective work and/or compilation, pursuant to international copyright laws and international conventions and is the exclusive property of Prudential. The contents of this Website are only for your personal, non-commercial internal use. All materials contained on this Website (such as text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software) are protected by copyright, and are owned or controlled by Prudential or the party credited as the provider of such materials. You will abide by any and all additional copyright notices, information, or restrictions contained in any such materials on this Website.
  14. You recognize that your use of this Website may involve transmission of information to you that may be considered personal financial information. You consent to the transmission by electronic means of such information through this Website; such consent shall be effective at all times that you use this Website.
  15. By your (i) use and/or continued use of this Website, or (ii) access and use of the products and services provided through this Website, you signify your agreement to indemnify and to keep Prudential, its directors, employees, nominees, agents and independent contractors fully and effectively indemnified against all actions, liabilities, costs, claims, losses, damages, proceedings and/or expenses (including all legal costs on an indemnity basis) suffered or incurred by Prudential including, but not limited to, in connection with or arising from:
    (a) Your use of this Website;
    (b) Any unauthorized instructions (including, but not limited to, instructions from unauthorized person(s) and/or instructions transmitted due to unauthorized use of Username and/or PIN(s)) that might be transmitted through this Website or any instructions, which are incomplete, inaccurate, or garbled;
    (c) Any breach or non-observance of any of these terms and conditions by you or any other unauthorized person or entity using your Username and PIN(s); and/or
    (d) The use of the devices (including use of the devices by third parties) and/or any digital certificate whether authorized or not or arising from your negligence, misconduct or breach of any terms of this Agreement.
  16. If any provision of this Agreement is declared invalid by any tribunal or competent authority, then such provision shall be deemed automatically adjusted to conform to the requirements for validity as declared at such time and as so adjusted shall be deemed a provision of this Agreement as though originally included. If the provision invalidated is of such nature that it cannot be adjusted, the provision shall be deemed deleted upon this Agreement as though the provision had never been included, in either case, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
  17. The text of this Agreement herein written in the English language is the authentic text and any difficulties and uncertainties in interpretation arising shall be solved by reference to this text and shall prevail over any translation made hereof.
  18. This Agreement shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore ("Singapore") and you and Prudential agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts with respect to any legal proceedings, which may be initiated in connection with this Agreement.
  19. You understand that you may provide and receive information related to your Accounts via this Website. By accessing the Website, you hereby agree to the above terms and conditions of use.