About PRUaccess

PRUaccess is a website for Prudential Policyowners to:

  • View their Policy / Personal Information
  • View / Print their Annual Premium Summary
  • Update their Contact Details
  • Perform Eligible Online Transactions
  • Generate Revised Benefit Illustration
  • View and Download e-Documents

Guide to PRUaccess

Apply for PRUaccess PIN / Forgot PIN

If you have never logged in to PRUaccess before, please click here to apply for a PRUaccess Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If you have forgotten your PRUaccess PIN, please click here to apply to reset your PIN.

PRUaccess, Security & You

At Prudential, we listen and we know that the security of your information is important to you. This is why we have introduced a One-Time-Password (OTP) as a second level authentication when you log in to PRUaccess and perform online transactions.

This means that when you log in to your PRUaccess account, in addition to your NRIC/Passport number and PRUaccess PIN, you will be required to provide a OTP sent to you via sms at your mobile number in our records.

Two-factor authentication via SMS OTP reinforces your level of security by providing an additional level of security. It helps protect your PRUaccess account from unauthorized access and online fraud. The OTP helps to further verify your identity and ensure that only you have the rightful access to your PRUaccess account and can transact with confidence knowing that your transactions are secure.

To ensure secured access to PRUaccess, please check that your mobile number in our records is current. If you have changed your mobile number, please print and complete this form. Please send the form to us using the
business reply envelope. For overseas customers, please mail the form to Robinson Road P O Box 492 Singapore 900942.

How the OTP works

Log in to PRUaccess as you usually do with your NRIC/Passport number and PRUaccess PIN.

OTP Page


Frequently Asked Questions on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)