Apply for PRUaccess PIN / Forgot PIN

To apply for a PRUaccess PIN to access your policy account with us, please complete the online form below and click on “Submit”.
If you have forgotten your PIN and wish to reset your PIN, please also apply via the online form below.

Upon successful submission of your online application, we will mail you your PIN at your address in our records within the next 5 working days of your online application.
Client Number :  For personal policyholders (non-corporate), please click here.
Policy Number



(Please specify a policy number of one of your in-force existing policies with Prudential.
If you happen to have different residential and mailing addresses with us, we will mail your PIN to the mailing address of the policy specified.)
You have to be a Prudential policyholder with at least one in-force policy to apply for a PRUaccess PIN. The policy number you specify above has to be an in-force policy.

With effect from 01-Aug-2011, when you buy a new policy with us, we will send the PRUaccess PIN to the policyholder if the policyholder does not have a PIN.

If you encounter any problems applying for a PIN online, please call our PruCustomer Line at 1800 3330333 and we will be happy to help you with your application.