PruSelect Fund Prices (Updated On 26-Feb-2021)

Fund Name Currency Fund Code Price
AB - Global Plus Fixed Income Portfolio Class A2 SGD 1067 17.08000
AB FCP I - Global Value Portfolio Class A SGD SGD 1076 26.00000
AB FCP I - Global Value Portfolio Clss A SGD Hedge SGD 1066 19.83000
Aberdeen Standard Global Opportunities Fund SGD 1002 1.50220
Aberdeen Standard India Opportunities Fund SGD 1003 4.47800
BGF Fixed Income Global Opportunities SGD H SGD 1073 22.40000
Blackrock Global Funds - Asian Dragon Class A2 SGD 1069 18.72000
Blackrock Global Funds - Asian Tiger Bond Fund SGD 1068 14.99000
Blackrock Global Funds - Latin American Fund SGD 1010 5.79000
Blackrock Global Funds - World Gold Fund SGD 1011 6.74000
Eastspring IUT - Singapore Select Bond Fund SGD 1046 1.50500
First Sentier Global Property Securities Fund SGD 1075 1.10680
JPMorgan Funds - Emerging Markets LCY Debt Fund SGD 1026 18.22000
NN (L) Global Real Estate SGD 1022 15.60000
PIMCO Total Return Bond Fund SGD 1037 42.96000
Schroder Emerging Markets Fund SGD 1048 2.50300
Schroder ISF Asian Bond Absolute Return SGD 1063 12.19850
Schroder ISF China Opportunities SGD 1050 18.71320
Schroder Singapore Trust SGD 1084 1.15200
Templeton Asian Growth Fund SGD 1053 13.12000
UBS (Lux) Equity Fund - Singapore SGD 1064 131.12000

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Other Sources For Prulink Fund Prices

We value each PruLink Fund every business day (known as the pricing date) to work out the unit price. The actual offer and bid prices are published on the website at the end of the first business day after the relevant pricing date.

Prices of the funds can also be obtained from the following sources:
The Straits Times*
The Business Times*
Lianhe Zaobao*

* Frequency of publication is determined by the relevant media. The actual offer and bid prices are published two business days after the relevant pricing date.

Customers should note that Prudential does not accept any responsibility for any errors on the part of the publisher in the prices published in the abovementioned publications or for any non-publication of prices by such publisher and shall incur no liability in respect of any action taken or loss suffered by investors in reliance upon such publications.