PruLink Fund Switch

Fund Name Fund Code Cash CPFIS-OA CPFIS-SA SRS
PruLink Adapt 2025 Fund PF25
PruLink Adapt 2035 Fund PF35
PruLink America Fund PAMF
PruLink Asian American Managed Fund ARMF
PruLink Asian Equity Fund PEQU
PruLink Asian Income Fund * PAEF
PruLink Asian Income and Growth Fund (Acc) PABA
PruLink Asian Income and Growth Fund (Dis) * PABD
PruLink Asian Infrastructure Equity Fund PAIF
PruLink China India Fund PCIF
PruLink Dynamic Income Fund * PDIF
PruLink Emerging Market Income Bond Fund * PEDF
PruLink Emerging Markets Fund PEMF
PruLink Global Bond Fund GBON
PruLink Global Equity Fund GEQU
PruLink Global Equity Fund (Dis) GEQD
PruLink Global Managed Fund GMAN
PruLink Global Managed Fund (Dis) GMAD
PruLink Global Property Securities Fund PGPF
PruLink Global Technology Fund PWTF
PruLink Greater China Fund PGCF
PruLink India Equity Fund PIEF
PruLink Pan European Fund PEEF
PruLink Singapore ASEAN Managed Fund PSAM
PruLink Singapore Asian Managed Fund PMAN
PruLink Singapore Cash Fund ** PCSH
PruLink Singapore Dynamic Bond Fund PSFI
PruLink Singapore Dynamic Bond Fund (Dis) PSFD
PruLink Singapore Growth Fund PSGF

*The Funds are only available for subscription under PruLink Capital Account, PruLink Investor Account, PruLink Super Account, PruLink Super Account 2, PruLink Account Plus, PruLink Super Saver Account, PruLink Super Growth Account
** PruLink Singapore Cash Fund is available for Fund Switch only

Important Note: The Cash Fund is recommended to be used as a short term holding fund and not as a form of long term investment as the Cash Fund may not yield returns that are higher than the prevailing CPF interest rates. If you are in doubt, you should consult your financial adviser.